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Welcome to Chitra's Real Art 

Chitra’s Real Art is a leading manufacturing company in India. Quality has been the premise of out business right from its inception. Being the first of its kind manufacturing unit, it promises freshness with each design. 

Blue Tiles
Feira de Ladra


We value quality, terms and creativity


Customer is always right!

We discuss every detail with our clients to deliver them exactly what they want. At the same time we offer and perform creative and elegant ideas for the most beautiful interior performing. Our responsibility is to create your dream interior,  so you could feel yourself comfortable and calm in a new space.

For more Ideas and Get personalised home interiors.

A Tile for every style, personality & space

Tile adds distinct beauty and functionality to any room of the home, especially your most lived-in spaces. With over 6,000 products to choose from, including exclusive collections designed and manufactured by us, we have tiles as unique as you.


Our Gallery

Wall Hangings // Designer Ceramic Tiles  // Divine Collection  // Designer Carpets // Decal Transfer Printing  // Corrugated Boxes  // Much more...
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